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Coronavirus and Beyond


The COVID-19 crisis has sports and recreation owners and municipalities wondering how to survive the shut downs and how to properly prepare for the rebound.

This 3-step service is designed to help you minimize losses from temporary closure, capture federal and other assistance, and to define a clear path to an optimized operating model that can thrive in the recovery and rebound.

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A Service Designed to Get Your Facility Back Up & Better Than Ever.

We’ve tailored our proven optimization services to provide on-demand guidance through this unprecedented time in the youth and amateur sports, community recreation, events, and wellness industries. To learn more or get started, call us today at (727) 474-3845.

Step 1

Getting Started

The Disaster Rebound and Optimization Services process launches with a video conference where you will meet your Optimization Team and provide a walk-through of your facility’s history, staffing structure, programs, marketing, revenue, expenses, and more. Your optimization team, which will be comprised of true industry experts, will focus on learning about your operations and identifying the greatest opportunities for recovery and growth.  In this session we will begin to identify immediate strategies and we will begin to build a timeline of results-driven action items to help you gain greater control during and coming out of these very difficult times.  Following this session your team will gather to document the checklist of action steps and a prioritization of the same which we will then review with you in the follow-up  session.

Your Optimization Team will be led by a senior-level SFA or SFM team member and an SFM Account Executive supported by financial, legal, human resources, programming, and marketing experts along with SFA market and business analysis experts.


Step 2

Preparing the Plan

As an initial deliverable, your Optimization Team will produce an outline of action steps based on our insights and the benchmark goals we will have established with you in the preliminary session.  This deliverable will succinctly define the most critical action steps to contain costs, capture assistance, and to optimize the operation for the future rebound. The outline will identify areas of focus based on your:

  • Facility History
  • Legal and Ownership Structure
  • Organizational Structure
  • Historic Financial Performance
  • Identification of Potential Disaster Related Federal and Other Support Programs
  • Seasonal Program Offerings Review with a Focus on Summer and Fall Opportunities   
  • Reporting & Communication Process
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Cost Containment Options Review

Step 3

Getting to Action

With the Benchmark and Action Steps Outline complete, your Optimization Team will work directly with you, as advisors to execute on key strategies for revenue generation, cost containment, applications for federal and other relief/recovery assistance, and immediate initiatives/decisions based on a conservative projected timeline to re-open. To support you through the execution of action items, our team will be on hand to assist with implementation and resources through a series of 4-6 weekly calls. During these weekly calls and consulting service, we will provide coaching as advice to expedite your recovery and prepare you for optimized operations going forward.

We can recover, together.

To learn more about COVID-19 and Beyond – Disaster Rebound & Business Optimization Services, contact our Client Services Coordinator, Gabby Fresh, to schedule your no-cost introductory call: by phone: (727)474.3845, by email:, or by using the form below.

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