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Community Center: Fall Festival Ideas

Kids Enjoying a Harvest Festival

Ideas For Hosting a Community Center Fall Festival

Sports Facilities Management is a team of industry experts who offer management solutions for recreation and community center facilities. The SFM team equips and supports each facility in key areas, including human resources, brand and marketing strategies, liability reduction, staff development, and so much more.
SFM understands that a local community center is an integral part of any community. Community centers bring people together to socialize and get to know each other outside the confines of work or school. In today’s blog, our experts look at some fun ideas for a community center fall festival.

Pumpkin Catapults

It is not every day you get to use a catapult. Small water balloon slingshots can be used for small decorative pumpkins. If your community center has open outdoor space, you can mark it like a driving range and have a contest for overall distance. If you don’t have that kind of space, you can set up some archery type targets and shoot for accuracy. Regardless of which you choose, pumpkins flying through the air is great family-friendly fun.

Treasure in a Haystack

This is a fun game that’s easy for kids to play. Simply fill a few receptacles (wheelbarrows, large tin buckets, or kiddie pools) with hay. Bury a few treasures in each ‘haystack.” Coins, wrapped candy or small toys are great ideas for treasures to bury. Give attendees gift bags to fill and send them on a treasure hunt.

Obstacle Course

Set up a fun outdoor obstacle course using hay bales, pumpkins, and scarecrows. For instance, you can arrange some hay bales into a maze that kids must run through, line up a few pumpkins for them to jump over, and stake out a couple of scarecrows that they must circle to complete the course. Time the kids as they race through the obstacle course and give the winner a prize.

Candy Corn Spoon Race

Fill two baskets with candy corn or other small fall-themed items like popcorn or pumpkin seeds. Place the full baskets side-by-side on the ground. Divide players into two teams. Have each team line up behind the full baskets of candy corn. Place an empty basket on the ground at the end of each team’s line of players. Give each player a spoon, and set a timer for five minutes.
On the “go” signal, the first players in line must scoop out a spoonful of candy corn and then pass it from their spoons to the spoons of the next players in line. The candy corn must be transferred from spoon to spoon all the way down the line. The last player in line must dump their spoon into the empty basket. This continues until the timer rings. When time is up, count the number of candy corn in each basket. The team with the most candy wins.

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If you are interested in developing your community center into a thriving part of your town, contact the experts at Sports Facilities Management. We offer development and management services to handle day-to-day operations. Learn more about SFM. Give us a call at (727) 474-3845.

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