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Community Center: The Benefits Of An Outdoor Pool

The Benefits Of An Outdoor Pool For Your Community Center

Outdoor pool at a community center
For community center managers and planners, your pool facility is likely your biggest attraction and your biggest money maker. For many smaller towns, the local pool is the go-to hangout spot during the summer. With the pool being such a good revenue stream, it’s is important that you take the task of deciding between an outdoor and indoor pool seriously.
In today’s post, SFA will begin a two-part series evaluating the differences and benefits of indoor and outdoor pools. For the first part, we will focus on outdoor pools and evaluate the benefits of going the more traditional community center pool route.

Natural Light

There are a lot of benefits between indoor and outdoor pools, but among the most convincing is a benefit that is more mental than practical. Outdoor pools allow people to get out of their homes, out from underneath their fluorescent lights, and into the sunlight. Obviously, you don’t want too much sun exposure, but there is nothing quite like spending a beautiful spring or summer day outside.

Easier Access

One major benefit to an outdoor pool for swimmers is access. Being able to walk right into their community center pool is much more convenient than having to go inside, sign in, and change. Indoor pools are also often more expensive to maintain, which will typically result in a more expensive experience for guests. An outdoor pool eliminates many of the hassles such as climate control and wet lobby floors while also getting rid of more expensive maintenance needs.

More Flexibility

Arguably the biggest benefit to going with an outdoor pool for your community is the flexibility. With an indoor pool, you are stuck with the space that you are given and forced to design only from that space. There is little opportunity for expansion or renovation without making major design changes first.
With an outdoor pool, you aren’t held down by a roof and walls. You can expand fences, move furniture, build slides, and do it all without ever compromising with the building that you are in.

Contact SFA For Your Community Center Pool Needs

In our next post, we will discuss the benefits of an indoor pool — but regardless of which side you go with, we can all agree that your pool is an important part of your community center. In fact, it might just be the most important part. You shouldn’t take that lightly, and SFA wants to help you find the right solution.
Give us a call today at (727) 483-7910 or contact us online with any questions that you might have about your community center needs.

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