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Climbing From Olympics to Family Activation

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Climbing continues to be one of the fastest growing sports around the world and has been a great way for families to be active together.  The sport we all watched on TV may look very specialized, with super fit humans muscling their way up climbing walls.  But, like all sports in the OG, these athletes are at the top of their game:  in reality, climbing is for everyone.

Many of today’s climbing facilities use professional route setters to create a sequence of colored holds to create specific movements and a level of physical difficulty.  This also provides interesting problem-solving opportunities and a social atmosphere as people exchange “beta”, or share information about the physical challenge before them…. All while staying active.  The huge additional benefit is that the entire family can recreate together instead of parents staying on the sidelines (or vice-versa). Everyone enjoys the core values of climbing, which include:

  • Building confidence as you step out of your comfort zone
  • Re-enforcing trust you climb with a group or partner. This is based on a connection through communication. Problem solving, safety and climbing keywords are all part of that communication, whether you are climbing on tall or short walls.
  • Enjoying climbing as a dynamic or very low to no impact form of activity. Climbing movements can be as simple or complex as you would like for it to be. Most movements can enhance your range of motion and balance, and the beauty of it all is that you are always in control:  you always move at your own speed and get to choose climbs that meet your desired effort and ability level.  Again – climbing is for everyone.

So, whether its climbing at your local family entertainment center, visiting a nearby climbing gym or getting a little more adventurous and finding a guide for climbing outdoors, the bottom line is – get climbing, meet happy people, stay active, and do it for life.  

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