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Are you ready to plan, fund, and open a new indoor sports facility? In today’s climate new indoor sports facilities succeed or fail based on market conditions, location, the financing structure and terms, the business model, and the type and cost of the physical structure. SFA is adept at assisting public and private clients with these and other factors. We work in markets around the world and in every size and type of community one can imagine. From leased spaces and conversions of existing sports facilities to ground-up construction and all types of facilities, our expertise removes the mystery so that our clients can move out of concept and into action. We also provide optimization services to existing sports complexes and can assist owners in transitioning through sale or by taking over day-to-day operations. The reality is that financing new indoor sports facilities is now a complex endeavor. Yes, financing sources value local market knowledge and the ability to organize programs. But they rely on detailed and metrics-based market analysis and feasibility studies … the kind produced by Sports Facilities Advisory. SFA’s planning and funding services have been critical to millions of square feet of indoor recreation center openings around the world. We have achieved success for clients because we are conservative, solutions-oriented, passionate about community sports, and because we tackle potential challenges early in the planning process. We are proud to have produced the financing plans for sports facilities that will host well over 14 million visits annually. SFA and SFM have also assisted numerous existing operations. From turn-around services for struggling sports facilities to optimization services, SFA and SFM are regularly called upon to assist clients in taking things to the next level. As the advisors to private, public, and public-private-partnerships SFA offers Feasibility Studies, Market Studies, facility “right-sizing” to market conditions, and business model strategy services that are often the difference-maker between projects that would linger in pre-financing for years and those that are financed, opened, and operated successfully. After funding, clients have the option to utilize SFM’s facility opening and management advisory or full-time sports facility management services. These services are funded within the financing package so they are amortized over the term of the financing. Additionally, SFM’s opening services provide structure which financing sources value. Our sports facilities opening process is a date-driven schedule of events and projects which includes vendor selection and negotiations, management and operating systems, document templates, staff recruitment and training, and proven marketing action plans to support an on-time opening with the pre-bookings needed to achieve year 1 forecasts. SFM’s sports venue management programs include advisory management services or full-time, day-to-day operations where we staff and take responsibility for daily operations. Sports Facilities Management advisory services provide your team with coaching and expertise. Full-Time Management includes SFM-trained professionals, HR, Bookkeeping, Sales and Marketing, Programming, and inclusion in the SFM national network of facilities. There is more to learn about our indoor recreation centers and sports complexes in the pages of this site. If you are ready to speak with one of our sports facilities advisors, call or email us today.

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