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Organized sports were once the domain of local schools, governments, and nonprofit organizations. Today, the market for youth and amateur sports facilities has become increasingly competitive and sophisticated.

Sports travel is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry, leading to millions of trips annually. The training of amateur athletes is increasingly refined through technological advances and metrics based assessment. The volume of traffic generated through new sports complexes has made certain types of sports facilities into regional and national destinations. The race to open new sports facilities has steadily increased as the foundation of our economy improves. The business opportunities in youth and amateur sport have never been more real.

Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management assist many different groups and organizations with the planning, funding, opening, and management of sport, training, wellness, and recreation centers. These include orthopedic and medical groups, real estate developers, multi-national sports organizations, retail and hoteliers. Sponsors such as apparel, beverage, and equipment vendors are engaged with SFA to create direct connections to players and their families inside sports facilities. SFA also collaborates with technology and communication providers to improve the customer experience at the venue level.

In many cases, our institutional and corporate clients are evaluating new sports facilities as a way of expanding their reach, giving back to community, or as a means of driving new revenue. Others are simply trying to assess the opportunities to reach athletes where they workout, train, and play. SFA’s real world operations and carefully developed key performance indicators and benchmarks have produced demographic data, financial modeling and utilization forecasts, making a high demand for their services.

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