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SFA has set the standard for community recreation center feasibility studies. Our planning, market research, and financial forecasting process equips decision-making bodies with answers to the most important questions. That is because SFA feasibility studies include detailed cash flow forecasts and utilization projections that are based on our proven market research process.

Over the years, Sports Facilities Advisory has developed models for market research and feasibility analysis that are now utilized by national funding sources and a variety of government agencies. SFA’s community engagement process utilizes online surveys, stakeholder interviews, user group meetings, and market demographics to provide foundational data during the community recreation feasibility study process.

SFA’s model for feasibility studies provides for metrics-based analysis which accounts for factors such as community need, site options, capital requirements, competition, and community development objectives. We utilize this myriad of factors as the basis for our detailed construction and start-up cost and cash flow forecasts; as well as assessing feasibility and defining parameters for the size of the building, management and marketing requirements.

“We hired SFA to produce a feasibility study for our community recreation center and could not have been happier with the work. SFA assigned a team of committed professionals and they told us the truth even when it was difficult to hear. As a result, we updated our plans, made a few important changes to the model, and we achieved a feasibility yes. We are now up and operational and continue to benefit from our work with SFA” ~City Manager

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SFA’s community recreation feasibility studies also include a detailed breakdown of each aspect of our analysis providing a scorecard which we share with clients. When needed, this scorecard allows us to work with clients to address issues that would otherwise increase the risks or simply prevent a new center from achieving its true potential. Finally there is simply no substitute for experience. Our sister firm SFM manages and advises facilities for municipalities – today. This provides real world, operational expertise based on current day operations. The result, we often identify innovative and proven new programming to enhance the appeal and viability of the projects we study.


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