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Independent Evaluation - Sports Facilities

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions engage Sports Facilities Advisory or send clients to SFA when it is time to evaluate a business plan, pro forma, or existing operation.

Since 2003, SFA has developed market research models, benchmarks, and key performance indicators that allow us to efficiently review existing sports facilities, complexes or recreation centers, business plans, and proposals. From comprehensive sports facility audits and optimization plans to business plan review and reaction, SFA is regularly engaged to provide an independent evaluation for financial institutions. This can include utilization of our models for operational audit, financial reviews, program evaluation, market opportunities, and overall viability.

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The Sports Facility Advisory Approach

While Sports Facilities Advisory’s research and evaluation phase is customized to every project, our benchmarking, KPI, and market factors analysis forms the foundation for every new evaluation we conduct. This approach can utilize online surveys, stakeholder interviews, user group meetings, and market demographics to provide initial data during the feasibility study phase. This data is then combined with a variety of other factors to produce construction and start-up cost estimates for planned sports facilities and detailed pro formas addressing projected revenue and expenses for every area of the operation.

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