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Financial Institutions

Financial institutions have come to rely on Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management to produce the industry’s most comprehensive financial forecasts.

Accurately forecasting future financial performance is a key value proposition of SFA and SFM. Since our launch in 2003 we have been researching, planning, managing, and evaluating the financial performance, participation, and spending trends within sports facilities and recreation centers. We conduct industry-wide surveys, establish key performance indicators, benchmark market factors against others, and work diligently to refine our forecasting models based on our managed sports facilities.

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The Sports Facilities Advisory Commitment

When engaged to forecast future financial performance, we utilize a proprietary blend of market and competition data, sports participation rates, drive time and income, management requirements and the project financing structure. These factors are analyzed in our predictive performance calculators and then reviewed and refined by the Sports Facilities Advisory team of experts. This stage allows market factors to be combined with insights into new programming trends to identify an optimal business, management, and program model for sports facilities

Finally, we produce detailed cash flow forecasts for each business unit and account for construction and startup costs, debt service, operations, cost of goods sold, maintenance, and replacement costs. Financial institutions seek SFA’s expertise for new sports facilities and existing operations.

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