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Financial Institutions

Sports Facilities Advisory has set the standard for sport and recreation center feasibility studies by analyzing the forecasted cash flow as part of all of our feasibility studies. Our approach results in research-based, institutional-grade financial forecasts. Our process encompasses a proprietary blend of research, strategy, and sport-specific demand analysis.

SFA’s financial forecasting process equips decision-making bodies with answers to the most important questions regarding market demand, competition, yield management, sensitivity and overall viability. We are frequently engaged by clients at the request of financial institutions seeking to understand the risks and security involved in sports complex financing. Our proven feasibility studies provide all the information lenders need to make an educated decision.

Over the years, SFA has developed models for market research and feasibility analysis. These models are now key decision-making tools for national funding sources and a variety of government agencies. SFA’s research phase for feasibility studies is customized to every individual project. This approach can utilize online surveys, stakeholder interviews, user group meetings, and market demographics to provide initial data during the feasibility study phase.

Within our feasibility studies, this data is combined with a variety of other factors to produce construction and start-up cost estimates and detailed pro formas addressing projected revenue and expenses for every area of the operation.

Financial institutions have come to rely on Sports Facilities Advisory for our in depth and formulated feasibility studies, and we are proud of the work we continually do. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you turns your plans on paper into a reality.

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SFA's Method for Feasibility Studies

SFA’s model for feasibility studies provides a research-backed and metrics-based analysis which accounts for market demand, site options, capital requirements, competition, community development objectives and many other factors. These multiple factors are utilized as the basis for our detailed construction and start-up cost and cash flow forecasts. They are also used to assess feasibility and to define parameters for the size of the building, management and marketing requirements. A modified version of our feasibility studies process is frequently utilized to evaluate existing operations for turnaround or optimization.

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