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BMX Track Planning & Management

BMX Planning and Management at Sports Facilities Advisory

The Sports Facilities Advisory’s vast portfolio includes services for many different sectors of the sports facility industry including new or existing BMX tracks. Like any sports facility, Planning and managing a successful BMX track requires thorough, professional research on a variety of market conditions such as median income, drive times, and community will. Trust the Sports Facilities Advisory, to utilize proven analytics and industry best practices to maximize the potential of your new BMX track. Once financed, leverage the Sports Facilities Management’s wealth of facility development and construction oversight to successfully navigate the pre-opening process – and then, trust our team of experts to provide a turn-key outsourced management solution.

Planning Services

During the planning process, our expert research team determines the feasibility of each BMX track project according to specific market demographics, location, business model, and demand. During our business development planning and strategy session (BDPS) our team guides clients through a series of exercises to expound on the mission, vision, and definition of success for the facility. Many clients discover new potential revenue streams or business partnership opportunities they may not have otherwise considered. By choosing a highly qualified and experienced planning partner such as the Sports Facilities Advisory, clients establish a strong foundation for obtaining project financing and future business success.

Funding Services

Project funding is one of the most difficult aspects of BMX park development. Financial institutions want to invest in safe, profitable, and secure investments. Avoid one of the most common pitfalls of sports facility planning and don’t approach a lending source without professionally prepared documents. Most lender require an institutional grade financing document like a 5 year pro forma document and/or feasibility report. These documents forecast the potential of the business based on industry research. SFA has earned a reputation for having highly detailed and fully custom documents that lenders prefer.

For clients seeking private investors for their BMX parks, SFA offers an investor information packet. This document features many of the same categories as the feasibility report but brings a more narrative approach and higher level of excitement. This investor information document functions more like a marketing document that a strictly data-driven report. The Sports Facilities Advisory will work with you to create an effective strategy and help you a develop a plan to bring in investors – institutional or private. SFA is equipped to provide you with all the tools and strategies necessary to approach potential lenders.


Development Services

The Sports Facilities Management’s pre-opening services lead staff development, FFE procurement, preferential vendor selection, marketing planning & execution and more. The grand opening event is the culmination of months of pre-opening development and heralds the switch from a narrow focus on business development to the multi-faceted approach of operational excellence. The opening of your BMX track will also provide an exciting introduction of your facility to the general public of your community. As a unique venue, a BMX track is an exciting endeavor in many communities. It provides an opportunity for people in the community to experience a sport they may not have otherwise encountered. As such, it’s important to create an awareness campaign for both the sport as a great choice for your target demographic as well as visibility for the BMX park itself during the pre-opening development phase. During hard-hat tours, pre-opening, and grand-opening events, it’s also critically important to have well-trained and knowledgeable staff that can bring enthusiasm to the sport and venue as well as answer questions of a more technical, safety-oriented, or legal nature. Contact us to discover how SFM’s development services can set your facility up for years of success.

Outsourced Management

The Sports Facilities Management is a turn-key outsourced management solution for day-to-day BMX park operations. When you join our Sports Facilities Management network, you are given the best management solution available and access to an entire team of specialists from marketing, to legal, HR, and more. Single sport venues like BMX tracks are among the most challenging to manage with long-term success. Clients who choose outsourced management from SFM for their BMX park maintain complete visibility and ultimate control over their venue without the day-to-day obligation of self-management.

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