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Baseball is America’s pastime and is a youth sports favorite. As with any venue, thoughtful planning and comprehensive management are the keys to a successful baseball facility. If you own a baseball facility or are considering opening one, trust a company with a spotless track record. The Sports Facilities Advisory and the Sports Facilities Management can assist you to make your baseball facility an essential part of the community.


Planning Services

Opening any type of facility requires extensive research, but this step of the process is especially important for baseball facilities. Due to the popularity of baseball facilities, a comprehensive look at existing parks and recreation assets, competition benchmarking, industry innovation, and market conditions are crucial to planning a successful business model. Careful consideration needs to go into opening a baseball facility so that it can thrive when it’s opened. Sports Facilities Advisory can observe your market and conduct the proper studies to make sure your plan is able to succeed. The planning stage of opening a baseball facility is complex and nuanced, so make sure your first step is a confident one with Sports Facilities Advisory.

Funding Services

Obtaining project funding whether from traditional institutional lenders or private investors requires sophisticated planning and expert documentation and reports. Investors should be carefully chosen to ensure goals are aligned and success vision shared. The Sports Facilities Advisory funding support services helps clients prepare to present their vision to investors in a way that is clear and inspiring. We will give you the information you need in order to bring together investors and the funding that will make your baseball facility a reality.

Development Services

While the grand opening event is viewed as the pinnacle of the pre-opening phase, it is really a celebration of months of development work behind the scenes. Opening a baseball facility can be an exciting event. You’ll need to build the proper hype leading up to the opening and make sure you are fully and competently staffed before opening day. Sports Facilities Advisory will help to make sure nothing is forgotten or lost in the shuffle. There are a plethora of things that need to be taken care of before opening day. Vendors for snack bars, trained staff, and marketing all need to be well thought out ahead of time. Sports Facilities Advisory has extensive experience opening baseball facilities, let us help yours be as impressive as possible.

Outsourced Management

The Sports Facilities Management is a comprehensive outsourced management solution that attends to both day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning. Owners choose to outsource their management for a variety of reasons – many wish to have the oversight and leadership role rather than to be hands-on the the everyday challenges of running a complex business like a baseball business successfully. With management services from SFM, clients enjoy the personal attention of an account executive who is supported by a team of industry experts in fields of marketing, HR, legal/risk, finance, and more. When you join the SFM network, you join a network of excellence that creates unparalleled success for our clients.

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The Sports Facilities Advisory and The Sports Facilities Management have years of experience successfully planning and managing sports and recreation facilities across the country – including baseball parks. If your goal is to have a highly successful baseball facility, contact Sports Facilities Advisory today. We look forward to helping you reach and exceed your goals.

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