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Attracting Visitors in a Competitive Sports Tourism Location

Sports Tourism: Drawing Customers in a Competitive Tourist Area

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Existing in a competitive sports tourism location can have benefits and drawbacks for a sports facility. While the pool of possible visitors increases thanks to the wide range of sporting events, getting them to visit your facility instead of the competitor can be a challenge. While many visitors will visit more than one attraction when visiting your city, making sure you are one of those attractions is key to success. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss some ways that your business can attract customers in an area with competitive sports tourism locations.

Attract Exciting Events

Perhaps the most important aspect of succeeding in the sports tourism market is the most obvious — you have to attract events that people are excited about attending. This can certainly be difficult for a new facility, but if you have the right amenities and attractions, you can do it. Reach out to events that would be perfect for your facility and explain why your destination is ideal for them. This step takes time and work, but once you have successfully hosted a few events, word of mouth and your sports tourism resume will work in your favor.
Don’t be afraid to target niche events that are about to explode into popularity. Hosting a mixed martial arts event fifteen years ago may not have been televised, but it still attracted dedicated tourists. Just because ESPN won’t be at your facility does not mean your event will be unsuccessful.

Successful Marketing is Crucial

From crafting the message of your facility as a recreation destination to advertising your next major event, marketing is a job that never ends for a sports tourism facility. Even marketing professionals can find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing marketing landscape. Partnering with a team of professional marketing experts can be what your facility needs to reach the maximum number of potential visitors. If people are unaware of your event it will fail; that is the unfortunate reality of sports tourism.

Partner with Sports Facility Management

The marketing department at Sports Facility Management leads business development staff marketing strategic planning, campaign execution, relationship building, media outreach, and sponsorship attraction. We can help you develop and attract exciting events as well as ensure they are a success. If you want your facility to become the sports tourism destination of your area, contact SFM today at 727.877.1791 to learn how our team can help yours.

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