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Athletic Sports Complex Construction

Constructing and opening your new athletic sports complex can be a complicated and arduous process. At Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management, we can not only help you develop a strategic plan for your new sports complex, but we can also help you construct, open, and manage your facility. Athletic sports complex construction is a long journey that can take over 400 days to complete. The process includes planning the design of your complex, forecasting financial costs and expenses, as well as completing all the digging and heavy lifting involved in sports complex construction. While your facility is being built, so is your business. Clients who choose SFM’s pre-opening services benefit from staff recruitment and training, strategic marketing, brand development and more.


At Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management, we utilize our expert planning strategies to plan the construction and opening processes for your new sports complex. Initially, we will plan a summit meeting to discuss the construction process, the expected timeline, and projects such as staff training, programs, software, bookkeeping, and more. This summit meeting is vital to having a successful Grand Opening as well as to maximize financial returns. With our proven strategies along with our experience, knowledge, and drive to help you succeed, the Grand Opening of your new sports complex will be a fantastic kick-off for your new business to the community.


The pre-opening phase of a sports and recreation facility is just the beginning. Once opened, the facility team must now work to manage, improve, and constantly optimize the complex. At Sports Facilities Management, we provide strategic management programs. With these programs, we utilize our problem-solving techniques and our experience in the sports facilities field to assist you with all aspects of managing an athletic sports facility. Additionally, we will assess your athletic sports facility to develop a plan for improvement and increase your ROI.


When undertaking the enormous task of planning, funding, developing, and managing a sports facility it can be helpful – even critical – to get help along the way. At SFA and SFM, our mantra is ‘here to help’. To us this means that we tailor our approach for every project, applying only what’s needed, working with urgency and efficiency, and always keeping the client’s goals in our sights. Schedule a discovery call with our team to see how we might be able to assist with your project and what a difference SFA and SFM can make for your facility.

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