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The Sports Facilities Advisory specializes in adventure sports. An adventure sports facility may include a BMX park, high rope courses, rock climbing gym, and zip lines. The rise of the experience economy has led to an increase in the adventure sports programs available to consumers. There are a wide variety of features you can include in an adventure sports facility but, deciding what you need and what the market demands can be a difficult process. Let Sports Facilities Advisory help you start paving your path to a successful adventure sports operation and engage the Sports Facilities Management’s team to expertly handle your pre-opening development and outsourced management needs.


There are many factors to consider when planning an adventure sports facility. What features will you include? Are there other facilities in the area offering similar activities and amenities? Is there a adequate market demand for the features you want? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask when planning an adventure sports facility. The Sports Facilities Advisory will help you plan and determine the feasibility of an adventure sports facility.

Our comprehensive, custom feasibility studies will establish competition benchmarks, outline market demand, community needs, and more. As the needs and desires of our culture shift, so do sports and recreation facilities. Many people today are demanding more exciting and varied ways to exercise. Rock gyms, BMX parks, and ziplines are able to meet this need, and the demand for these unique facilities has been on the rise. Let Sports Facilities Advisory help you create the most successful and financeable adventure facility plan.


An adventure sports facility is a significant undertaking. Proper funding will be exceedingly important in the pursuit of a successful operation. Often, a potential owner may not know how to approach investors and potential partners. Sports Facilities Advisory has helped owners to find funding for a variety of sports operations. Attracting investors for an adventure sports facility comes with its own unique set of challenges and specific documentation is required. Let Sports Facilities Advisory guide you and give you the tools and information you need to successfully and succinctly present your plan to potential investors.


The grand opening of your BMX track, climbing gym, or ropes course is an exciting introduction of your facility to the general public of your community. This event is the culmination of months of pre-opening development and heralds the switch from a primary focus of business development to the versatile demands of operational excellence. The Sports Facilities Management’s pre-opening services lead staff development, FFE procurement, preferred vendor selection, marketing campaign planning & execution and more.

As an uncommon venue, an adventure sport facility is an exciting endeavor for many communities. People in the community have the opportunity to experience a sport they may not have otherwise encountered. Creating an awareness campaign for both the sport as a great choice for your target demographic as well as visibility for the facility itself is key during the pre-opening development phase. Also critically important is to have well-trained and knowledgeable staff that can bring enthusiasm to the sport and venue as well as answer questions of a more technical, safety-oriented, or legal nature during hard-hat tours, pre-opening, and grand-opening events. Contact us to discover how SFM’s development services can set your facility up for years of success.


Rock climbing gym, BMX park, or any other adventure type management requires expertise in project management, leadership, operations, risk management and more. Deciding to outsource venue management to an outside party can be a difficult decision. Many clients choose SFM because of our experience in variety of sports venues – from zip-lining and ropes courses to baseball fields and basketball facilities. Others choose SFM because our account executives are supported by specialized teams in areas like HR, legal/risk, marketing, and more to create excellence in their new facility. When you join our management network, expect to be part of a network that goes beyond expectations.


If you’d like to open an adventure sports facility or if you currently own one, contact the Sports Facilities Advisory and the Sports Facilities Management today. We have an excellent track record of making adventure sports programs successfuly including Empower Adventures, which we’ve helped become successful in multiple locations across the United States.

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