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5 Unique Non-Sports Events You Can Host at Your Facility, Part 2

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Sports facilities are typically associated with hosting sports games and events, but did you know that they can also be used for non-sports events? From music concerts to business conferences, sports facilities offer a versatile space that can be adapted to accommodate a variety of events. In this listicle, we’ll explore even more non-sports events that can be hosted at sports facilities, and why they make an excellent choice for event planners. Whether you’re a sports facility owner looking to diversify your business, or an event planner searching for an unconventional venue, there’s something for everyone on this list.

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Company Picnic

Adults are just kids with “mo money and mo problems”. So, if a local company is looking to organize a company picnic to allow their employees to unwind and relax for a day, what better place to do it than a youth sports facility? There is plenty of room outside to set up games and activities for everyone to play and bond as a team. Plus, anyone looking to play basketball and volleyball, or get out of the sun for a bit, can go inside. The only problem that you will have at the end of the day is getting everyone to leave.

Outdoor Movie Night

Getting the opportunity to watch a movie while lying under the stars is so much more enjoyable than going to a movie theater. And if your facility has a pool, you can double the enjoyment by hosting an outdoor movie night poolside! The facility just needs an outdoor screen to project the movie. Guests can either sit in the grass or bring their own lawn chairs. It’s a small price to pay to bring your community together to enjoy a classic film under the stars.


The large open space of a sports facility makes for a great venue to host a dance. It could be a school dance for a local high school, a seasonal dance for your community, or even a dance competition. It is recommended that you use a floor covering to protect your court surface from high heels and dress shoes, but aside from that, you just need to dim the lights a little and you’re ready to host the event. Some dance competitions use a stage to elevate the performers and allow everyone to see, but it isn’t always necessary if you don’t already have a temporary stage.

Halloween Trunk-Or-Treat

A great trend that started in the 90s but gained more popularity in recent years is trunk-or-treating. It is an alternative to trick-or-treating in which families drive to a designated parking lot where attendees in decorated cars hand out candy to kids in a safer and more condensed environment. It is a great way to celebrate Halloween in rural communities where the houses are sparse. But even if you aren’t in a rural area, it is the perfect solution that allows kids to still dress up and get candy when parents aren’t comfortable letting their kids roam the neighborhood at night. And if your kids are younger and require you to walk around with them as they trick-or-treat, this method requires less walking. Just saying.

Esports Tournaments

Whether it is competitive or casual, you will likely have a large crowd of people showing up to participate in or watch esports events. The type of event you host will be determined by the number of power outlets and ethernet ports at your facility. You can read more about what it takes to host a tournament in our previous blog post on esports found here.

Looking to attract a larger audience or make a lasting impression on your current one? Look no further than these innovative ideas for filling gaps in your facility’s schedule. And if your community lacks the necessary sports facility to make these events happen, we’ve got you covered. At The Sports Facilities Companies, we guide communities through every step of the facility development process. To learn more or get started, give us a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us today.

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