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5 Tips to Keep your Recreation Center Locker Rooms Safe and Clean

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Ways to Increase the Safety and Cleanliness of Your Recreation Center Locker Rooms

Any recreation center owner knows that keeping locker rooms safe and clean is one thing that can easily go awry if proper measures and regular maintenance go overlooked. Because locker rooms are typically out of sight, sometimes messes and spills can be missed. Additionally, locker rooms can be an ideal area for criminal activity to take place due to increased privacy and seclusion. However, at Sports Facilities Advisory, we have found ways to increase the cleanliness and safety of your recreation center locker rooms. Continue reading to find out how!

Guest Accommodations

It is very important to the safety of your guests that accommodations are there for those who need it. This can include installing railings to assist your guests when they are walking, standing, or sitting. Additionally, this can include handicap accessible locker room areas.

Have Secure Item Storage

Another way to increase the safety of the locker rooms at your recreation center is to offer secure storage. Install lockers that have a built in locking system or allow guest to bring their own lock or rent a lock. This will significantly reduce theft of personal belongings and increase a sense of security in your guests.

Use Rugs to Prevent Slipping

Oftentimes, locker rooms have tile or concrete flooring. However, having rugs in your locker rooms will prevent slippage. You will just need to regularly check your rugs to see if they have ripped or warped in a way that could increase trip hazards.

Clean Everything Regularly

Staff members at your recreation center should regularly clean and disinfect locker rooms. Clean locker rooms as often as necessary in order to keep the area free from debris, liquids, and other hazards. Remember, your locker rooms can never be too clean!

Have Areas for Privacy

Make sure that your locker rooms have areas for privacy. When your guests are showering, changing, or engaging in other personal activities, it is important to offer an area where guests can feel safe and private.

Recreation Center Planning with Sports Facilities Advisory

At Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management, we can help your vision of a new recreation center become a reality. We can not only help you plan and open a new recreation center, but we can also help you manage your facility and optimize your success. So whether you need help building your new recreation center or you need help improving your locker rooms, we can help. Feel free to contact us today at (727) 474-3845 to learn more!

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