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5 Signs of a Successful Sports Complex


Let Sports Facilities Advisory help you understand whether your sports complex is succeeding.

At Sports Facilities Advisory, we love to see our clients not only reaching their goals but also going above and beyond them. That’s why we do what we do. We know that, as business owners, you are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating how well your business is doing. Profits are obviously some of the first things to come to mind when thinking about how successful your business is. While cash flow and profit margins are very important, numbers don’t necessarily tell the whole story. Non-financial indicators of progress are equally important, though they are maybe not as easy to measure. Take a look at our list of what we feel are 5 signs that your sports complex is not only surviving but thriving.

You’re Retaining Customers

Any business is nothing without its customers; this includes a sports complex. The unique thing about your customers is that they are not just customers; they are members of a community you have created for them. That’s why customer satisfaction is so important. You don’t want their business just once – you want them to keep coming back. Retaining customers is more important and more difficult than just getting them to walk through the door. Keep track of changes in the volume of repeat business; have they only visited your recreation center once since becoming a member? Or are they coming 3 times a week every week?

You’re Getting Feedback from Your Customers

Hearing positive words from a satisfied customer is one of the most rewarding things as a business owner. When people are telling you good things, it means they are telling other people good things and referring new business. You shouldn’t just be waiting for them to come to you though; you need to be seeking feedback from your members. You can ask them to take a short survey once a month. If people really are satisfied, they will be more than happy to take it; plus, you can offer a discount or prize just for taking the survey. These could really help give you some perspective on what areas you’re excelling in and which areas could use some improvement.

You Have a Great Team

Employees’ happiness is one of the most important non-financial signs for a business to monitor. Positive team members are essential to keeping your sports complex going strong. If you have created a good work atmosphere for them, they will, in turn, create a good atmosphere for your members and keep them coming back.

You Have a Business Plan for Your Sports Complex

Sometimes, business owners get so caught up in the day-to-day operations that they don’t realize they’re not really moving forward. Sure, you might be busy, but are you actually making progress? The only way for your sports complex to have continued growth is with a business plan. You have to pay attention to the market and listen to your customers to constantly be innovating and improving.

You Feel Good About What You Are Doing

The most successful people are truly passionate about what they do. If you feel like you are enriching lives and reaching out to people in your community through your sports complex, then you are doing something right. Staying true to why you wanted to open a sports facility in the first place and keeping that passion alive can actually be some of the greatest successes.

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