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3 Characteristics of an Eco Friendly ​Sports Complex


What does an eco friendly sports complex look like?

At Sports Facilities Advisory, we work with many high profile clients, and something we have begun to see more and more of is the urge to go green. Your ability to contribute to an eco friendly sports complex may depend on the size and style of the facility, but there are plenty of ways to lend a hand to mother earth while attracting the kinds of clients that prefer to support green businesses.

1. Alternative Energy for Your Sports Complex

One of the most popular methods of achieving an eco friendly recreation center or sports complex, is through the use of alternative energy. Sure, you may need to stay on the grid as a plan B, or for those days when alternative resources aren’t in abundance, but if your center has the capability to utilize electricity from stores of reusable energy, you can make a big impact on the planet.
Solar panels are a hot addition to any large stadium or small gym. Of course, the more panels you have, the more energy you are able to draw from them, but even reducing your amount of traditional electricity use by half is a big deal. Larger sports complexes across North America and Europe have also begun using, or considering wind turbines as an added method of powering lights, air conditioning, heat, and other aspects of the sports complex.

2. A Place For Everything

Waste is a big problem anywhere that food is being served, but large amounts of waste can even be created in a small sports complex. Having a place for garbage, compost and recycling at different areas around your facility can greatly decrease the amount of waste being pumped into dumps across America.
“A place for everything and everything in its place,” has never been better advice, especially if you want to be an eco friendly sports complex.

3. Green Building

Finally, if you are new to the sports complex world and are just considering the building of a new facility, a great way to go green is by using eco friendly building materials. Talk to your contractor about the types of materials that are best for the earth, which ones break down better when a building is no longer in use and has been demolished, high efficiency windows, and other factors that could influence your ecological footprint. At Sports Facilities Advisory, we walk many clients through the process of developing their business from the ground up and are happy to help lend a hand in creating a green sports complex with you.
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