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Darryl Bassett

Project Management


Darryl Bassett

Project Management

Darryl is a purchasing professional with over 25 years of experience. He has extensive experience with overseeing multimillion-dollar projects and has a great track record of keeping projects on schedule and under budget. Darryl uses strong team skills and talents in relationship development to save millions of dollars on projects for the companies he has served and it’s a key part of how he serves clients in his role as Project Manager at the Sports Facilities Companies.

As Project Manager, Darryl plans and oversees projects while utilizing his keen attention to detail to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and under budget. He will also be in charge of planning and designating project resources, preparing budgets, and keeping stakeholders informed at every step of the project.

In his previous experience as a purchasing manager, Darryl worked for Westgate Resorts where he was responsible for overseeing their annual budget of $100 million. He also negotiated a discount on a project there that reduced the project cost by $2 million.

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