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Aubrey Tinney

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Aubrey Tinney

Aubrey is an expert in optimized sales process management with over 12 years of experience in executive sales leadership. Using her proficiency in sales and leadership alongside her vast experience in the hospitality industry, she drives the growth of SFC’s lodging initiatives in her role as Director of Lodging.

As the Director of Lodging, Aubrey builds and maintains relationships with hotel partners, event rights holders, and venues to drive successful implementation of our proprietary online booking platform. This platform allows consumers to find and reserve hotel rooms, travel packages, services, and products. Leveraging those relationships, Aubrey helps ensure that end users booking accommodations through the platform can do so with ease.

Aubrey has made a career of increasing hotel revenue through the creation and implementation of sales and marketing plans. Prior to joining SFC, Aubrey led sales teams for several hotel management companies, guiding and implementing innovative strategies at each location.

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