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Ashley Kimmel

Ahsley Kimmel

Ashley Kimmel

Ashley Kimmel is an emerging graphic designer at The Sports Facilities Companies. Ashley has already demonstrated her talent and dedication during her time as a graphic design intern for SFC in 2021. Her creativity and keen eye for detail enable her to produce engaging and impactful visuals that support the company’s mission and enhance brand identity. Ashley continually brings fresh, innovative perspectives to the team, driving customer engagement and satisfaction.

In her role, Ashley crafts visually compelling graphics that enhance the brands within the SF Network, driving customer engagement and satisfaction. She brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, building on the foundation she gained from her education. Ashley collaborates closely with the venues in the SF Network to understand clients’ visions, translating them into captivating visual elements that effectively convey the company’s expertise and commitment to excellence.

In her previous role as the Media and Support Specialist at Wonder Water Cards and Comics, Ashley led the creation of branding initiatives and social media marketing strategies for the company to enhance their social media presence and improve their marketing campaigns.


  • Bowling Green State University – Bachelor of Science in Technology, Visual Communication Technology
  • Bowling Green State University – Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology

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