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Operational Timelines and Strategic Planning

C2C Phase: Facility Management

Opening or optimizing a sports, recreation, event or wellness venue is a multi-faceted process. With SFC Strategic Planning and Operational Timeline services, you receive a custom plan and strategy to achieve the results you want. Let us illuminate all the steps and stages of building or refining your business and provide you with a proven plan and strategy. 

Our operational timeline provides a comprehensive set of tasks and strategies that are ordered sequentially with date-driven objectives and check points. With the goal of taking a project from groundbreaking to grand opening or managing change through the optimization process, this detailed system was created to develop an operationally efficient facility, form a well-trained staff, build a robust marketing database, and establish a full book of events and programming. Each component of the operational timeline includes a series of tasks with corresponding timeframes for completion, deadlines, and task dependencies.

While operational timelines are customized to the details of each project, many encompass the following components:

  • Strategic Planning, including financial forecasting and budget development
  • Construction, including FF&E and OS&E procurement
  • Staff Development
  • Business Development
  • Operational Systems Set-up
  • Information Technology
  • Financial Systems Set-up
  • Legal and Risk Management, including legal entity set-up and insurance
  • Events and Program Development
  • Marketing and Brand Development
  • Grand Opening Event Planning

Service Highlights

Study Duration:
Varies by project, 6-8 weeks delivery, 12-18 months implementation

Best Suited For:
Projects in development or construction

Led By SFM Operations Advisors:

Vice President, Sports & Entertainment Venues

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Why SFC?

Our industry-leading facility management team has a deep understanding of best practices for launching innovative destinations that are operationally efficient, provide an unparalleled guest experience, and meet the goals of owners and stakeholders. Through these best practices, we’ve developed tools that have guided the process for opening many of the nation’s elite youth sports, recreation, and event destinations. Facilities that now drive over 25 million visits annually.


Our team has unrivaled experience managing a variety of facilities from multi-sport mega venues to community recreation centers


The SFC team is relied upon by city officials, parks and recreation directors, and private developers for their operational expertise and experience


Our venues drive more than $200 million annually in hotel and visitor spend and $1 billion in overall economic impact

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